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Redesigning a website, whether yours or a client’s. Is an essential part of marketing today. This is essential UK Mobile Number because technology, trends and user expectations change over time. And if we are to remain competitive, we must keep pace with these changes. But this task, although essential, also presents certain risks from an seo point of view. A number of things can go wrong during the process. These issues may cause search UK Mobile Number engines to no longer regard this website. As the authoritative answer to relevant queries. In some cases, certain mistakes can even result in penalties. Nobody wants that. So in this article, we’ll explore some of the common web design mistakes that can destroy seo. Knowing the potential risks can help you avoid making the kinds of mistakes that save your organic search traffic.

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Leave the crawlable/indexable development environment. People manage development environments UK Mobile Number in different ways. Most simply create a subfolder under their domain. Some may create a domain strictly for development. Then there are those who take the kind of precautions to hide their development environment that UK Mobile Number would give a cia agent a warm. Fuzzy feeling in that empty place where their heart should be. I tend to fall into the latter category. Search engines will generally follow the links and index the content they find along the way.

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UK Mobile Number

Sometimes even UK Mobile Number when you explicitly tell them not to. This creates problems because they could index two versions of the same website, which could cause issues with UK Mobile Number content and links. For this reason, i place as many roadblocks as possible in the way of search engines. Trying to access my development environment. This is UK Mobile Number what i do. The first step is to use a clean url that has never been used for a live website before.

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