What Digital Developments Should We Expect in 2016

Who says new year, says change! And, in the digital world, everything is always very fast. So if you don’t want to lag behind your competitors, jump on the digital bandwagon and go for it! In order to give you a Peru B2B List head start, Powertrafic gives you its SEO and Social Media predictions that will mark the year 2016. What are the digital trends of 2016? This is roughly what you will find in this presentation (be careful, I will not reveal all the details!)SEO trends in 2016 Higher Google Rankings Won’t Mean “More Organic Clicks” The click-through rate is strongly influenced by the universal search elements (images, videos, news) on the SERPs.

Optimizing Your Loading Speed Is an Unavoidable Investment.

It is therefore useful to Peru B2B List to know if these types of results appear for the keywords you are targeting. And, good news, it’s totally doable even if your site’s authority isn’t very high yet. Rich Answers The loading speed of a page is fundamental: optimize it today! 40% of visitors abandon a website if the loading time is longer than 3 seconds. An extra second in load time decreases conversion by 7%. Don’t let your money slip through your hands!

Facebook Will Be More Local and Will Promote Local Content.

Peru B2B List

Keywords are neither dead nor dying: they are still the basis of your SEO strategy today you must identify, not the individual keywords, but the associated groups of words that target your pages. Link Cleanup User behavior will soon be an SEO criterion At the moment user signals do not influence your positioning but common sense and logic say they will be the future SEO ranking factors. Social Media Trends in 2016 The Force Awakens Facebook In 2016,

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