What Is a Data Management Platform

“ DMP ”: an acronym that is now part of Croatia Phone number digital marketing buzzwords, I must admit that I had not yet considered its definition. It was during the 2015 E-commerce Show that I felt that these three letters were on the lips of many e-merchants. So I decided to decipher what was hidden behind this acronym… Interest in searching “Data Management Platforms” on Google Trends Interest of the search “Data Management Platforms” on Google Trends Definition of a DMP: Data Management Platforms Appearing in 2009, the first Data Management Platforms

Why Invest in a Dmp? Companies Wishing to Take the Leap of the Dmp

Now, DMPs are more advanced and make it possible to Croatia Phone number collect, centralize, target and use data relating to prospects and customers. A real digital transformation tool, the DMP is currently used to optimize the targeting and performance of marketing campaigns . However, few advertisers are starting to use this new tool. And for good reason, its price. Between €50,000 and €75,000, or even more. What to cool more than one …The 2015 version customer database would therefore be similar to a DMP. But concretely for this price, what services does a Croatia Phone number data management platform offer? A DMP, what for?

Made It Possible at the Time to Collect Only Internet Browsing Data.

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 should not think that it is a magic tool! No, the use of a data management platform must be part of an overall digital transformation strategy. First consider the usefulness of a DMP. Generally, companies use this tool for three main reasons:Their customers have cross-channel journeys They face data silos They Croatia Phone number must react faster to improve the performance of their campaigns If at least one of the three points mentioned above corresponds to your situation, you probably need a DMP. According to the Converteo agency, companies generally invest in a DMP to optimize media buying and automate it (RTB or programmatic buying).

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