What is an influencer and how to become one in the digital age, people have stopped trusting the usual ads

The recommendations of traditional media to bet on the criteria of their favorite influencers , an essential figure in the consumer society whose presence has spread like wildfire , with people recording themselves to share their content at all hours, inspired by this phenomenon. If you want to know what an influencer is and how to become one, this post is written for you. It may interest you: master in community management: company 4.0 and social networks index of contents what is an influencer ? An influencer is a person with enough potential to generate engagement in an audience that follows their accounts on social networks .


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The 21st century, it drives Nigeria Phone Number conversation and influences the intention to purchase products and services, achieving a powerful emotional bond with a considerable percentage of its audience. Influencers are part of people’s daily lives, ranging from music or television stars to profiles less known by the general public, who manage to create a large community of followers thanks to their communication skills. For years, companies have begun to treat these people with special affection, aware of the power they have over their audience , closing commercial agreements for millions of dollars. In addition, micro -influencers are becoming increasingly important in the marketing strategies of companies. And it is that, despite having a

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Improve your personal brand discharge. Characteristics of an influencer beyond. The repercussion and admiration that their. Followers feel for them, they have little .To do with each other, for example, profiles such .As maría pombo , carolina iglesias , bertus or jesús terrés. Four examples of success in .The spanish language thanks to their online presence .As content creators. While pombo has starred in the covers ..Of exclusive society magazines. Such as ‘hola’, carolina iglesias sold out the 12,000. Seats of the wizink center in madrid in a matter .Of hours with her podcast show , ‘stretching the gum’. Along with victoria martín. The comedian bertus, for his part, is followed by. More than 167,000 people who enjoy his parodies. And the journalist jesús terrés is accompanied by more .Than 67,000 followers who bet on his content .And a really inspiring newsletter . But what do they all have in common?

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