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Facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg spent nearly five hours. On tuesday answering questions from more than 40 members of the us senate commerce and justice committees. The Jordan Mobile Number appearance, and another on wednesday with the us. House energy and commerce committee, comes five months after congress first questioned lawyers for facebook. Google and twitter about mining platforms by outside Jordan Mobile Number governments to influence the 2016 elections. Zuckerberg accepted the invitation to answer questions about the sale and transfer of data – collected without consent. Of up to 87 million facebook users, from a facebook application developer to the data analysis company cambridge analytica. It is unclear whether congress’s interest in this case is a result of the size of the data expose.

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Or maybe the continued onslaught of data breaches on many other platforms. And companies has finally Jordan Mobile Number cause lawmakers to decide to step in on behalf of american consumers. And see what all these tech wunderkinds are really up to. When they are not otherwise. Move fast and smash things. » whatever the reason, sauron’s eye has Jordan Mobile Number now been fixed on facebook, google and other platforms that traffic in user data. We can expect them to now face. The kind of scrutiny that used to be reserved for big global companies like microsoft, at&t and others.

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Jordan Mobile Number
Jordan Mobile Number

While a more apt comparison may be the scrutiny and subsequent. Fines and regulations the tobacco industry has face, which has criticized. For the ways in which it sought Jordan Mobile Number to hide the known deleterious effects of its products and the corporate efforts to increase their addictive properties and commercialize them. To an Jordan Mobile Number ever-younger population, disregarding the interests of consumers. The perpetrators involved, or the results of the breach, i.e. How the data misobtain have been use.

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