Why It’s Important to Use Visuals on Social Networks

Social networks play an increasingly important role in business communication, moreover, perhaps you already have a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, or Instagram account. But are you sure you’re using it the right way? Did you Hungary B2B List know, for example, that the brain processes the visuals it perceives on average 60,000 times faster than texts? Concretely, this means that an Hungary B2B List image posted on his account is 94% more likely to be seen by users. We, therefore, understand better why image marketing is a promotional technique increasingly used by companies.

A Photo of a Heavenly Beach, for Example, Will Inspire Travel Agency Subscribers,

Why illustrate your publications? To Hungary B2B List encourage subscriber engagementVisuals represent a real lever of engagement for companies present on social networks. Because of their better perception, favoring images over texts in its publications makes it possible to increase interactions, and in the long term to promote the commitment of its fans and subscribers . In the short term, visuals facilitate the success of a campaign , which can quickly go viral. In general it is essential to hungary b2b list create. A relevant visual universe around its brand, its products. And its values. Touch the target’s heart the images connect with the emotional side. The goal is therefore to make its users react. To make them experience emotions!

 and a Video of a Top Athlete Will Inspire Admiration Among Decathlon Fans.

Hungary B2B List

A visual will naturally catch the internet user’s eye. But if in addition it made him smile, or aroused any emotional reaction.  If it had been more Hungary B2B List textual and rational. Holiday pictures photos create different emotions depending on. The target audience focus on different audiences people. Will feel more engaged and connected to your brand if. They can identify with its visuals. Thanks to Hungary B2B List them you can easily reach different segments.  Different aspects, or accessories that would correspond for example more to one age group than another. Allowing you to address your customers more personally.

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