Why Page Speed ​​matters and Page speed ​​insights Fail

At this point, anyone who regularly browses, manages, and or builds websites should know that South Korea Phone Number List speed is important. So… Everyone . It’s no surprise that we demand our information quickly, like right meow. If it’s a new concept, you’re far behind. I believe the majority of users understand this, but are still trying to achieve it. In this article, I answer why page speed is important to me as a senior developer, why the full scope of the web application must be addressed to realize its full potential, and why google page speed ​​insights is a thorn in the my side. Why is page speed important? A developer’s perspective a colleague of mine asked me why page speed matters to me. My first reaction was, “because I want a super-fast user experience on every site I visit, just like everyone else.

Why Google Page Speed ​​insights

For me, and I’m sure most others, that’s an intuitive answer. I haven’t analyzed the South Korea Phone Number scientific numbers on this, but I’m pretty sure that if you asked 1,000 random people whether they wanted faster-loading or slower-loading websites, 100% would choose a loading faster. So why aren’t more sites fast? I’m sure it’s a combination of reasons. Lack of budget, resources, knowledge and/or know-how. Maybe laziness. Maybe the company they hired doesn’t take care of them the way they should. Hmm maybe. This got me thinking because it makes way too much sense. As a developer, I’ve gone through the process countless times. The great site app that takes months and months to plan, develop, test, and release — and when it’s done.

This Got Me Thinking Because It Makes Way

South Korea Phone Number List

There’s that feeling of wiping your South Korea Phone Number List hands and moving on. Was page speed and optimization built into the plan? Too often it can be an afterthought, and it’snot portent’s web development world, though. Whether or not they are aware of its importance when engaging our partnership, it is one of the central topics analyzed and discussed as a base level of the marketing stack and one of my main responsibilities at carry. So let’s hunt our prey. Hmm, that seems a bit too much. Sprint towards our goals? Worn out. Just wanted to tie up a cheetah for a page speed article (because they’re awesome) while we pass by for a closer look.

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