Why You Should Care About Mark Levels

Branding levels are easy shortcuts for the Croatia Phone Number List of writers you’ll need: marketing copywriters for big brand “Bloggers” or whatever you want to call them for light brands. Heavy brands may require input from product managers. A moderate mark will likely require all of the above and will require your absolute best skill. Brand levels are a strategic planning tool: they indicate the proportion of resources allocated to lightly, moderately and heavily branded content. For example, on an e-commerce site with over 100 skus, I might go for heavily branded content (don’t overlook heavily branded content!!!!). On a site with few products. Either way, I now know exactly what kind of writers, topics, and material I have, and which ones I need to gather.

The Content Structure Brings

Create the content structure now I can create a content structure. It tells me what type of Croatia Phone Number ¬†content we’ll write, when we’ll write it, and the brand level of that content. The content structure brings everything together calendar the content structure brings everything together yours may look completely different. Remember, I built this structure based on my team and what they can accomplish in a week, month, or more. It’s based on my team’s specialties. If there are gaps, I can fill them. Now I can expand it to a full editorial calendar with topics, assignments, and titles. But I will still use the same content types and brand levels and base my plan on the structure I created above.

The Same Content Types and Brand Levels

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Brand types and levels form Croatia Phone Number List¬†a standard language that everyone can understand. They clarify the expectations and requirements of your team and other stakeholders. The heavily branded content is the sales pitch. It’s the sales copy, product pages, ad, or landing page. When people see heavily branded content, they know right away: this is a pitch. Our homepage contains heavily branded content. This page on specializer’s website, which lists their road bikes, is heavily branded. Great, strongly branded content requires a great marketing copywriter. One way or another, heavily branded content is excluded from most content plans. But we have to sell stuff, right? Include it and plan it. Marketing is not an existential experience. At some point, visitors have to convert.

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