WordPress and Seo Recommended Tutorials and Plugins

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to UK Phone Number List easily create websites and publish articles on them. For natural referencing (or “SEO”), the WordPress solution presents interesting opportunities. As the main site or as an integrated blog, it is possible to UK Phone Number List work queries efficiently and get traffic from Google. In order to guide you on the different optimizations to apply and the strategies to use, we are creating this page which will list many articles dedicated to WordPress.

Of Course, Depending on the Sites of Each and the WordPress Themes Used,

Plugin settings, recommendations on optimizing your pages, selection of UK Phone Number List themes conducive to natural referencing… This list of articles classified by theme will be regularly updated according to UK Phone Number List our contributions. The articles presented below discuss recommendations and tools for your WordPress blog to influence these three major elements. These optimizations represent a good basis for improving your referencing but are not miracle solutions: natural referencing is a long-term job involving many other parameters.

Some Recommendations Will Be Impossible to Implement or Will Require Adaptation.

UK Phone Number List

For cms novices or users who want to uk phone number list deepen. In the first place the seo work of their wordpress. Coupled with powertrafic invites. You to discover the articles belowtechnical.Technical sheets and tutorials dedicated to seo on WordPress. To UK Phone Number List start with the essential technical optimizations. It seemed logical to us to start with the overall optimization. Of your wordpress site and, in particular, its loading time. Here is an article presenting two plugins (one free and one paid). To optimize the loading speed of your wordpress. With a detailed tutorial to achieve your ends. Optimize your wordpress site good indexing is essential for any website.

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