WordPress: Index Your Site Well and Avoid Duplicate Content

Indexing a site is an essential step in optimizing its SEO and WordPress sites are no exception to the rule. It is indeed a Guyana B2B List question of selecting the pages which you wish to make visible on the search engines. This step is important because Google and its brethren hate duplicate content, whether internal or external. You should not, for example, index two almost identical pages, with similar content but with a Guyana B2B List different URL. Search engines will also judge your site as a whole: your pages that are not optimized and that contain little content can lower the overall quality level of your website.

Indeed, This Box Will Limit the Number of Indexed Pages Caused by

We will therefore see in this article. Avoid duplicate content with the Guyana B2B List meta robots tag for a blog or a WordPress site. I first recommend the WordPress extension called. Yoast WordPress SEO is one of Guyana B2B List the best plugins for SEO. Once the extension is downloaded and activated. On the WordPress (“extensions” tab). Here are some useful custom settings in the titles and meta’s tab others, section I recommend that you check. Do not index subpages of archives”.

The Pagination of the Blog. Limit Indexing of WordPress Archive Pages.

Guyana B2B List

  In the “ Titles and Metas ” tab – “ Taxonomies ” section The “no index, follow” box also limits the excessive multiplication of indexed pages linked to the categorization of the blog and the use of keywords (or tags). Check for “ Categories ” and “ Keywords ”. Manage the indexing of the different page Guyana B2B List templates in WordPress. Attention, this point is to be reconsidered depending on the case. Indeed, an SEO strategy can be based on the use of these page templates. Indeed, if in your strategy you decide to index these pages, I strongly recommend that you customize them as you would with any other page. For this, I recommend the Visual Term Description Editor module.

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