WordPress Optimization: Loading Times and Cache Plugins

Do you want to optimize your WordPress site? This article presents the means to implement to improve the general performance of your site Italy Phone number or your blog. In an increasingly mobile and connected world, the loading and display times of your website are of paramount importance. This factor plays, in fact, a key role for your website, whether to optimize the user experience or to improve the SEO of your WordPress site. Indeed, search engines take this parameter into account in their classification algorithms for search results pages. Google had already announced in 2010 its obsession with optimizing the loading time on its various tools.

Caching, Image Optimization, Gzip Compression, Code Minification, Etc.

And when Google has an obsession, it is better to Italy Phone number follow the movement so as not to fall into oblivion on the SERPs! Here are some leads and a complete tutorial to satisfy the American giant and its colleagues… Take stock and know where your site is To start, it is necessary to know where you are with your WordPress site. For this, there are tools that allow you to test the loading speed of your site such as GooglePageSpeed ​​or GTMetrix . The scores and information obtained will allow you to take stock and know which technical characteristics you need to work on:

The Goal Being, in the Long Term, to Get as Close as Possible to the Maximum

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 score of its tools. A rating on gtmetrix to make the corrections and optimize your score. Some wordpress plugins have been. Developed and can help you improve your seo. In this article we will introduce you to two of them. A Italy Phone number free plugin and a paid one. If these two extensions represent a tiny part. Of the proposed solutions we have deemed. Them as the most relevant at the time of writing this article. Wp-rocket a benchmark for french-style optimization. Wp rocket wordpress module starting with wp-rocket. A paying plugin made in france (about thirty euros per month). Which has shaken up the wordpress universe. With its ease of use and its convincing results.In a few months, it has become a reference in the sector.

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