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Smart bidding (target cpa and target roas, in particular), data-driven attribution. Dynamic search ads. And they work well together, so use them all. I’ve also seen many companies succeed Find Your Phone Number by buying automation with their ads. The sooner people realize that ad testing is a thing of the past. The better off they will be. Maximize your Find Your Phone Number ad rotation, enable as many extensions as possible. And add an ad set to your ad groups. Using optimized rotation uses the most attractive ad at the time of each auction. For each individual customer. I know you recently wrote about this on search engine land. So just add this link and tell people to read it. Bottom line: use the whole research machine learning stack together.

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Lawson: one of the most controversial things i’ve ever heard of is keyword selection. What is your favorite Find Your Phone Number method? Ndg: i don’t think my opinion should even be considered controversial. Once you believe in machine learning like me, i think it’s easy to Find Your Phone Number believe in it. And it’s simple, really: buy all relevant keywords. Lawson: all? Ndg: yes. All. Look, it is no longer necessary to Find Your Phone Number carefully select our keywords. The machine will automatically determine which of these works for us.

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Find Your Phone Number
Find Your Phone Number

I mean, when you’re using smart bidding, you’re already setting query-by-query bidding. If this query sees ok performance, the algorithm will set ok bids. If this query performs well, you Find Your Phone Number are setting very competitive bids. And if a query doesn’t work as often. Bids will be set accordingly. This even includes cases where your Find Your Phone Number bids are so low that they effectively pause that keyword. If things change, think [about] your conversion rates or even the competition on that keyword query. Then you can try that auction again.

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