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Online advertising experts like to talk about the importance of matching your landing page. Content to Ireland Mobile Number your ads. And you won’t get any arguments from me. It’s a great way to improve your online advertising performance. I mean, it makes sense. People click on your ad because the message suits them. If you have the same message on your landing page. That should resonate with those users and Ireland Mobile Number get them to convert, right? No matter how good that approach. The success or failure of a “match your landing page to your ads” approach to advertising hinges on one extremely important assumption. You’re using the right advertising message. Unfortunately, if your landing page strategy is based on your advertising strategy. There is no easy way to test this assumption.

Advertising Process Ireland Mobile Number

You are fundamentally Ireland Mobile Number limited by your ability to predict. Which message will work for your Ireland Mobile Number target audience. If you’re way off base, there’s no real way to tell. But what if we turn things around? What if, instead of matching landing pages to ad content. You match your ad content to your top performing pages? Reverse your Ireland Mobile Number advertising process. Most of the time, advertisers work one way. We come up with a concept or ad message, create an ad that matches.

Your Website Ireland Mobile Number

Ireland Mobile Number
Ireland Mobile Number

And then fill in the gaps between that ad and a completed sale: landing pages. Forms, lead magnets, promotions, sales materials, and more. Then, when we want to improve things, we go Ireland Mobile Number back to our parts and try to figure out how we could improve them. Bad click-through rate? Let me try to tweak the ad text. Not enough people Ireland Mobile Number subscribed to your mailing list? Let’s change our main magnet. Not enough sales? Offer a promotion. However, all of these tweaks assume that you actually know what your customers want.

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