What Are the Differences Between Cross-channel, Multi-channel

Cross-channel, multi-channel, omnichannel… there is enough to lose your mind between the three! Not always understood or even used, these terms are nevertheless marketing concepts that any merchant or e-merchant should master. Perhaps you practice them without knowing it… Explanations today on Iceland Phone number this winning trio of marketing techniques . The multichannel The purpose of a channel is for the customer to decide to buy. The multi-channel strategy, therefore, consists of developing several sales channels with customers . Multi-channel strategy Multichannel has now become an essential digital strategy that increasingly

He Can Start a Sale on the Internet to Finally End It in-store Because

Indeed consumers are hyper-connected. To their smartphones tablets and even their connected objects. Which they use daily to help them in. Their purchasing journey. Consumer behavior has also changed. According to a study by digitaslbi 84%. Of french people buy online (75% worldwide) 22% t-commerce (20% worldwide). And 19% m-commerce (28% worldwide). Generally the buyer locates a Iceland Phone number product in-store. Then goes to the web to search and compare. The best prices before buying it on an online store.. The customer journey has become multiple and transversal.

Encourages Brands and Professionals to Develop Their Online Business.

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he appreciates the customer service there or vice versa. Remember that with the digitization of the customer journey, the purchasing process can start at any time and at any place. The cross-channel Faced with an increasingly impatient and compulsive consumer, brands must redouble their efforts to Iceland Phone number meet their new need, which is to have what you want, when you want, where you want and in one click. The services offered to customers by brands are becoming more and more democratized: Web-to-store : 9 out of 10 consumers consult a website before buying and 38% of mobile users surf in stores from their smartphone. Source FEVADClick & collect : 68% of French people use it, particularly in the clothing (30%), high-tech (17%) and cultural goods (15%) sectors. SourceNext ContentDrive :

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